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Welcome to the Almighty Ambush, the national website for the Tantalizing Tigresses of Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Incorporated. We thank you for stopping by our site, and encourage you to become acquainted with who we are. Alpha Chi Psi is a non-collegiate, service based sorority born from a need for depth in outreach, authenticity in sisterhood, love in leadership, and a safe space for ALL women.


There are many sororities and we understand that there is a sisterhood out there for everyone. What sets us apart is that we pride ourselves on operating from the heart and consciously giving and leading from the very core of who we are. We encourage the members of Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Incorporated to be the best versions of themselves (not a carbon copy of a particular type of woman) and then go out into the world making a difference in their own positive and unique ways. We invite you to follow us on social media to see how the heart-centered Alpha females of Alpha Chi Psi are changing their world!




On April 20th, 2016, in Tallahassee, Fl., our Founders came together with a prolific vision. They had the fervent desire to birth a sisterhood that sought to uplift and inspire women to live authentically, truly connect with other like-minded women, and together, go out into the world to make positive change in their communities. It was from this desire that Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Incorporated was born. 


Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Incorporated empowers women to make a difference in their communities through heart-centered progressive action. 


To provide the world with more positive, heart-centered, and hardworking female leaders. 


Colors: Rose Gold, Champagne, & Onyx

Jewels: Rose Quartz & Onyx

Mascots: White Bengal Tiger & Dragonfly

Flowers: White Lily & Secret Garden Rose

Affectionately Known As: The A-Chis 

Events & Announcements

New Crown Jewel: Blessed Beginnings

In a heartfelt announcement today, Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. introduced its latest Crown Jewel, Blessed Beginnings, a philanthropy project born from deep understanding and compassion for mothers facing the daunting journey of motherhood at any stage. The initiative reflects the personal experiences of many of our members, including those who have navigated the challenges of being young mothers themselves. Continue reading the official press release here

Bundles of Joy

Community Baby Shower

May 4, 2024

The Ladies of Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. are excited to host our inaugural community baby shower!  A heartwarming celebration dedicated to supporting and empowering teen and young mothers in Richmond, Virginia as they embark on the journey of motherhood! If you're a teen mother interested in attending, please click the link below for more details and to register.

More Information

Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser 

April 19-23, 2024

Join AXΨ as we raise funds for Blessed Beginnings, our newest signature philanthropy project supporting mothers! Every popcorn purchase counts 50% of each purchase benefits this fundraiser.

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