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  • I am out of college, or did not attend college. Am I still eligible for membership?"
    Yes. Although we encourage and support the furthering of our sisters' education, we understand that this may not be the path chosen by everyone. As a non-collegiate sorority, we also welcome potential members who have already received their degree.
  • How do I apply for membership?
    Announcements of an upcoming rush season are advertised through our social media profiles. At that time, women interested in being considered for membership will be asked to attend an informational meeting. More information on the journey to beoming an A-Chi will be shared at this meeting.
  • What does Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. look for in a potential member?"
    We never want our sisters to be the same or to try to fit into a mold of what they feel a sorority sister should be. Therefore, we only ask that you be unapologetically YOU. Additionally, we look for women who show a real desire to build solid bonds with us and future members because we take the word sisterhood seriously. We wish to carrying on our bond of unconditional sisterly love for all of our sisters. We look for women with leadership skills to help carry out our mission to build a nationwide organization. And lastly, we look for women with a passion for community service to help us carry out our mission to make a real difference and impact in each community we have a chapter.
  • Can I apply for membership if there is no chapter in my area?
    Yes! We welcome women from all over the United States as members. Interested in starting a colony in your area? Contact us via email for more information.
  • How much are sorority fees?
    There is no application fee when applying for membership. Women chosen to begin the process of becoming a member will be required to pay an initial induction fee at the start of the journey. Once inducted, members are required to pay a quarterly membership fee.
  • Can I interact with the members of Alpha Chi Psi Sorority, Inc. before deciding to apply for membership?"
    Yes! We offer in-person and virtual opportunities for potential Interests throughout the year. Such as our monthly Spill Tea with The A-Chis, a live broadcast on our Facebook page that gives you a behind the scenes look at our monthly soror gab session and the opportunity to get to know our members.
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